2.2) Infrastructure | Land Use Planning

A community’s land designations can influence how and where particular development takes place. Land use planning will assist a community in identifying and preparing for growth and development opportunities. The following questions will explore your community’s land use planning practices:

Does your community have an official land use plan? (If not, proceed to the last question)
Is economic development addressed in the official plan?
How often does your community update its official plan?
Does the official plan have one general designation for each of the basic land use categories, e.g. residential, commercial, industrial, open space (institutional or industrial), agricultural, rural or traditional territory?
Does your community keep a list of topics related to each land use designation— regulations, policies, purpose—and criteria that must be met for each designation?
Does your community have industrial-zoned land available at reasonable market rates that is ready to be built on or occupied?
Does your community have industrial-zoned buildings available at a reasonable market rate that are ready to be occupied or renovated?
Are your zoning by-laws flexible enough to allow for desired development in your community?
Are there policies and procedures for the establishment of new structures?
Are your land management policies governed by the Lands Management Act, or have you instituted your own constitution related to land management?
Is the construction of new homes permitted in most areas of the community?
Are businesses permitted to promote and advertise by using outdoor signage and advertising?
Is there someone familiar with the land use planning and development approval process in your community?
Is there someone knowledgeable about the neighboring counties’ plans, and how these policies and land use designations may affect proposed development in your community?
Do you know if there are land use planning or economic development consultants who you may be able to work with?