3) Economic Development - Civic Capacity

A community can improve its ability to undertake economic development activities by having dedicated and knowledgeable staff devoted to community economic development. Dedicated community resources for entrepreneurship and business development, along with supportive leadership and engaged members, are cornerstones of successful economic development. This next section will help you evaluate your community’s economic development resources and processes:

Does your community have an alternative dispute resolution process to overcome obstacles to economic development?
How does leadership/EDO coordinate or facilitate community input on economic development?
Does your community believe that the EDO plays a role in helping to meet the needs of community members who are suffering from mental, health and drug or alcohol dependency challenges?
How can the community work together to transition these members toward economic independence?
Are your community and economic development groups proactive or reactive?
How does your community respond to economic development efforts?
Do you believe that your community needs to diversify and broaden its economy?
Is there a capable and productive workforce available in your community?
Is there at least one organization in your community that provides or is able to provide workforce education training?
Are there apprenticeship programs available to community members?