1) Community | Planning Process - Community Readiness

A successful community planning process depends on factors such as leadership skills and abilities, community resources dedicated to planning, opportunities for citizens to participate in the planning process, and many others. The following questions will help you evaluate your community’s planning process:

Does your community have an overall vision of where it wants to be in the future?
Does your community have a current, comprehensive economic strategy, including a plan to implement it?
Do you believe your community is committed to creating and implementing a community development plan? A comprehensive economic strategy?
What skills and technical knowledge do leadership and administration need in order to improve community economic capacity?
Does your community have organizations involved in economic development?
Is economic development activity in the community well organized and well managed? What about the economic development organizations in the community?
Does a culture of entrepreneurship exist that recognizes and rewards new business start-ups, new ideas, innovation, partnerships and collaboration?
Is there community participation in local/regional economic events?
Do the public (national, county, wards) and private sectors participate and cooperate in local/regional efforts?
How often does your community stay updated on new policies, programs, information, issues and trends related to the national/county/ward governments?
What strategies can be put in place to ensure the community development planning process includes all community members?
How will you motivate people to become interested and stay involved in economic initiatives?
What steps need to be taken when creating an approach to community development planning?
What information do you need to determine your community’s readiness for economic development?