1) Community | Planning Process - Community Resources

A successful community planning process depends on factors such as leadership skills and abilities, community resources dedicated to planning, opportunities for citizens to participate in the planning process, and many others. The following questions will help you evaluate your community’s planning process:

What resources and support does your community require to become ready for economic development?
Does your community have a recognized community or economic development organization with the required authority, structures and processes to help sustain positive economic development activities? (If not, proceed to the next survey)
The following questions relate to this recognized community or economic development organization identified in the previous question a) Are the organization’s processes open and participatory? Are community members willing to contribute and explore new ideas?
b) Does the organization work to build successful partnerships with other groups in and outside your community?
c) Is the organization successful in obtaining the necessary resources and assistance to carry out its project goals?
d) Does the organization encourage active participation by a diverse mix of community members (diversity can be measured by factors such as education, occupation, age, length of residence, etc.)?
e) Does the organization look for training and skills development opportunities to help improve the skills and knowledge of its members?
f) Is the responsibility for carrying out the work of the organization shared among its leaders and members?