1.1) Community | Civic Capacity - Community Members

Civic capacity can be viewed as your community’s ability to come together in a determined way to address major community issues. It involves elements such as relationship building across sectors; skills and abilities of community members and leadership; level of community volunteerism; level of community engagement in decision-making—and all of these factors play a significant role in the success rate of community planning. Civic capacity can be instrumental in the ability of a community to successfully form and implement any community or economic development plans. The following questions will explore your community’s level of civic capacity:

How many community members live in your household?
How many household members are employed full-time or part-time?
Has your community recently completed a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis?
Are community members given the opportunity to join community and economic development efforts?
Are community members given the opportunity to provide input into community and economic development initiatives?
Are as many different people from the community as possible involved in economic development (e.g., elders, youth, leadership)?
Does your community work with other communities on policy and program development?
Does your community have business relationships with other communities, development institutions and organizations?
Is there active support of economic development activities from a range of community organizations?
Do community members feel empowered to make decisions? If not, how can you create this empowerment?
Are community members currently involved in organizing and running projects in the community?
Is there a strong volunteer force in the community?
Are community members well informed about economic development activities?
How are new ideas generated in the community?
Is there infrastructure to support innovation and innovative thinking?
Is there a track record of positive community action?
Is there a system in place for measuring progress and results?
Does your community celebrate success?