1.1) Community | Civic Capacity - Leadership

Civic capacity can be viewed as your community’s ability to come together in a determined way to address major community issues. It involves elements such as relationship building across sectors; skills and abilities of community members and leadership; level of community volunteerism; level of community engagement in decision-making—and all of these factors play a significant role in the success rate of community planning. Civic capacity can be instrumental in the ability of a community to successfully form and implement any community or economic development plans. The following questions will explore your community’s level of civic capacity

Who are the most important people and organizations in your community that should be taking a leadership role?
How does leadership obtain community input about economic development? (You can select more than one option)
Do you believe that your community’s current leadership: a) listens to the concerns of community members?
b) has the capacity to effect change in the community?
c) has the skills necessary to effectively represent your community?
d) motivates and inspires members of your community?
e) works well with the community? With other governments? With the private sector?
f) has the support of the majority of the community?
g) acts in the best interests of the community?
h) has credibility in the community?
i) has the resources needed to do its job?
Are there people in your community who are visionaries and action-oriented, and who could be recruited to serve in leadership roles?
Are there people in your community with the necessary skills to lead economic development plans from development to project completion?
Does leadership support development initiatives, for example, through council resolutions that support economic development?
What skills do you need to further develop your leadership abilities?
Is there a forum where Council, leadership and community members can discuss the past, present and future direction of the community?
Does the community share best practices among community leaders? With other communities?
Do leaders from the public and private sectors travel to other communities to see best practices firsthand?
What strategies can be put in place to help develop future leaders?