2) Infrastructure | Social Capacity - Education

A community’s readiness for economic and community development will depend in part on the education and social supports available to community members. Members who are better-educated and who have strong technology and social supports are in a much better position to create more vibrant and active communities. The following questions will explore your community’s social capacity:

How many members in your household are in elementary school? Secondary? Post-secondary?
What is the highest level of education achieved by all members of the household?
How would you characterize the level of general education in your community?
Do children learn traditional teaching from Elders?
Do the primary and secondary education systems in your community teach courses on problem solving or creative thinking?
To help provide job-readiness training, what kinds of educational facilities are available, e.g. community college, technical college, vocational training center, sponsored online courses?
Does your community have an adequately funded online courses?
Does your community have library services?