2) Infrastructure | Social Capacity - Health and Social Services

A community’s readiness for economic and community development will depend in part on the education and social supports available to community members. Members who are better-educated and who have strong technology and social supports are in a much better position to create more vibrant and active communities. The following questions will explore your community’s social capacity:

How many community members currently receive health services from the health department?
What types of health-related services are currently being provided in the community, e.g. dietician, health specialists, professional services?
What is the level of overall health in the community?
Does the overall health of the community impact the future employability of community members?
What health promotion and employment support programs are in place to help the unemployed overcome their health issues and become employed?
What is the level of physical activity by community members?
What programs or services are offered in the community to increase that level?
What is the level of obesity in the community?
How many community members have diabetes or heart disease?
How many community members have epilepsy, diabetes or heart disease?
Does your community offer prevention programs? What is the level of community participation in these programs?
How many visits to health professional outside the county take place each month? What types of professionals are being seen?
What are the major health concerns/diagnoses of community members? the major diseases that affect community members?